I work in the medium of 3d printing to create sculptures and wearable art. My aim is to combine traditional naturalism with 21st century themes; Some of the themes I explore include technology, money, nature, and long term thinking. My favored material is metal (bronze, gold, silver). In the future, I hope to incorporate embedded firmware to give interactivity to my work.


I was born in San Francisco, California but raised in the cul-de-sacs of Sonoma County an hour north. My childhood interests included art, computer programming and skateboarding. I went on the earn a B.A. in Art (Studio Art) from San Francisco State University.

After graduation, my childhood interest in computing resurfaced, prompted by a class in so called "New Media Arts" and I discovered the Brave New World of the Internet (circa early 2000s). I was hooked from the start. Pretty soon, I was getting paid for writing code. The rest is (work) history.

I never regretted dropping the paintbrushes for something I considered more relevant, but after many years in the industry, there was a sense of loss. After work, I began to experiment with 3d modeling and printing as an artistic outlet. At a certain point, I felt I had arrived at a working thesis for the kind of work I wanted to put out there and this site is a result.

That being said, all of this is very much a work in progress. Thanks for joining me on the journey.

Brian Locicero