I create sculptures with the medium of 3d printing. My process involves digital sculpture as well as my own custom software. My starting point is always traditional naturalism — anatomy, flora and fauna. From there, I layer on more contemporary techniques and aesthetics. In the future, I hope to add interactivity with microcontrollers and/or microcomputers. Stay tuned.


I was born in San Francisco, California, but raised in various cul-de-sacs in Sonoma County about an hour away. Drawing, computers and skateboarding were my constant companions growing up.

I went on to study art at San Francisco State University, earning a B.A. in Art (Studio Art concentration). Despite my initial intention to become a painter, sculpture and "New Media" were the classes I found the most compelling.

After graduation, I took some time off to travel. Back home, I followed the New Media thread and studied Web design & development. Before I knew it, I was working in the industry (writing code) and the rest is my LinkedIn work history.

I abandoned my art practice for many years, but then I discovered 3d printing; It really captured my imagination as a way to convert digital art into the physical world. I also found a spiritual home in the Maker movement as a place where creativity and technology come together.

Brian Locicero